Letter Headings 
Use this function to  edit letter and invoice/guest bill headings. It is accessed by selecting "Configure->Hotel Setup->Miscellaneous->Letter Headings" from the main menu bar. 
Invoice/Letter Headings 
The form shows an example of a guest bill. The grey text (Mr. J Guest for example) is there to give you an idea of how the guest bill will look.  
Letter headings/invoice window 
At the top of the form you will see three boxes. These are the heading for a guest bill, sales receipt etc. The first box is the hotel name, the second is the address and the third is the VAT or tax ID. If you entered information into the contact details of RezEasy's configuration those details will be shown here. You can change this information if you wish. 
If you are using pre-printed letterheads you can supress the printing of the header by checking the "Don't print header and footer" box. 
Just below the text "Date    Reference    Description     Amount" you will see a number of editable boxes. These contain text that will appear in the guest bill. The default text is: 
Room Charges: Heading for the section of the bill that details the cost of the room 
Lodging: The text used to describe the charge for the room 
Purchases: Heading for the section of the bill that details general purchases such as mini-bar charges, meals, drinks etc. 
Payments: Heading for the section of the bill that guest payments such as deposit and the payment to settle the account 
Below the bill details you will see two boxes. These are for the footer that appears on the guest bill. You could include some general text and your email address and website address for example. 
At the bottom of the form is a row of buttons. Most of these are text formatting buttons which are disabled. These will be used in future versions of RezEasy Front Desk. To see an example of a printed guest bill click the print button. This will open the print preview window. Click the print icon to print the test bill. Clicking the maximize button in the print preview window will open the preview to the full with of the main RezEasy window. 
Print preview window 
You can close the print preveiw by clicking the grey X just below the red X that closes RezEasy 
Close print preview window 
Terms and Conditions/Miscellaneous Text 
This is the text that will appear on the guest registration card together with the guest and reservation details. The top box is the heading for the registration card, default text is "Registration Card". You can enter terms and condtions or general information like the check-out time etc. in the box below the headings. 
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